Ger Doran of South East Angling Services reports:

With the winds blowing predominantly from the east for many weeks resulting in challenging fishing and a degree of frustration at times it was a huge relief to finally have some South West winds this week combining with a new moon cycle which provided some fantastic opportunities to catch some silver.

Ger Doran - Bass 1Fish were caught on the lure and fly with a chartreuse over white deceiver pattern proving its worth along with some small surf candy’s tied sparse to represent sandeel’s.

Ger Doran - Bass 2The vast majority of fish caught this year by myself and clients have been off the top with the lucky craft Gunfish being especially productive in provoking fish into attacking. Fishing surface lures and fly’s is my own personal preferred tactic as the visual aspect is superb.

Ger Doran - Bass 3Many fish were caught throughout the week with the biggest being about seven pounds. Fish at this time of year are generally in superb condition feeding hard before water temperatures drop and the mass of bait fish currently available decreases. I have been taking more scale samples this week for the National Bass Programme, If you would like to assist simply contact Inland Fisheries Ireland for a pack by clicking HERE.

Lets hope the weather remains mild and the fish keep biting.

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