Sidney Kennedy gave his 3 year old daughter just what every little girl dreams of – her first specimen carp…

As the day was warming up for the few hours, I decided to bring my daughter Amy to the lough for a spot of carp fishing and as the rods were going to be on alarms she would be able play on the swings as we waited for a fish. With 20 minutes on the playground the right hand swinger dropped back and then shot up. It is a great sound when the alarms go off and more so when my child screams with excitement. When she lifted the rod the fish started to run and the weight of the rod started to get that bit too heavy for her. I put my hand over her hand above the reel; this enabled her to take one of her hands off the rod so she could start to reel as she practiced at home over the last few months.

Help from Dad
As the rod got a bit heavy for her I had to put my hand in front of hers to stop her getting pulled in

It took that bit longer to get the fish to the net but it was worth every minute of it to see how much enjoyment see was having. With the fish weighed at 13lb, photos taken and the fish put back she turned to me, gave me a big hug, and said thanks dad. What a lovely end to a to a father and daughter’s day out.

This 13lb carp was Amy first ever specimen fish at the age of 3 years
This 13lb carp was Amy first ever specimen fish at the age of 3 years

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