The Biosciences Institute (AFBI), in conjunction with DCAL Inland Fisheries and Agri-Food are conducting tagging studies in various DCAL waters. These studies are important and will provide valuable information to protect our salmon and trout stocks.

If you catch a tagged fish, it does not need to be killed, simply take a note of the tag number and report this along with your contact details if you wish to be entered into the prize draw.

Prizes include a complimentary 2016 DCAL Season Licence and Permit, a day’s fishing on a Lower Bann beat, compliments of the Irish Society and various items of fishing tackle.

Returns must include the tag number, date and recapture location. This input from anglers is vital and length and weight measurements are also useful but optional.

Please be aware any information received will be shared with DCAL and AFBI….

Belfast Telegraph 18/07/2015 Read the article ‘Crucial tagging studies to protect salmon and trout’