Paul Lawton from the Lee Salmon Anglers reports on a fish of a lifetime caught at the weekend…

Niall Byrne was fishing River Lee on Saturday 28th  at Inniscarra. The river was low and he was fishing prawn. He had a take on a red prawn, and struck into what felt like a very solid fish. After a 15 minute battle Niall brought the salmon to top of the water.At this stage he got a proper look at the fish and he tells us his whole body was shaking. He had been fishing from high bank and was now trying to get down low to bring fish towards net. As he did so he could see the hook at side of the salmon’s mouth…

Lee salmon anglers member Niall Bryne with fish of life time 22lbs caught on the Lee

Nerves started to get the better of Niall at this stage! There was a bit of a struggle to struggle to get him into the net and when he did, the hook came out of him. But Niall’s prayers were answered and the fish was his. Niall has been on the river 4 or 5 days a week since the season opened so his fish was just reward to a big effort.

The Lee is seeing a few fish in the last week. Though the spring salmon normally average 8-10lbs the last couple of fish reported were in the 3-4lb bracket.

Paul Lawton
Lee Salmon Anglers

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