Ghillie Vincent Appleby reports on the salmon and sea trout fishing in the past week on Lough Currane:

6/8/15 There was a big flood yesterday and Lough Currane was more on the quiet side today for the majority anglers but reported that one boat did catch at least two Salmon on the fly. Wind light westerly, with reasonable cloud cover.

7/8/15 Mr. Paddy Barrett takes the headlines and for good reason he caught two salmon to his boat and for the rest of the angling community there was no comment. Weather there was bright  sunshine with a light West wind blowing down the lake all day.

8/8/15 There was some good Salmon Fishing on Lough Currane today. My catch of the day goes to Scottish Anglers, Michael and Julia Wigan, they caught a fine 6 ½ lbs Salmon on the troll and their Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of was telling me that this is was their first time fishing on Lough Currane and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Staying in the trolling department a Guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley, caught a fine Grilse. Now to the fly department, a guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of caught 2 Salmon. In the Sea Trout department an Angler fishing the South side caught a few nice Juniors before the Lake got on the wild side and talking of wild, the wind was SW fresh to strong with rain all afternoon.

Kevin and Brian with their catch of the day.
Kevin and Brian
with their catch of the day.

9/8/15 There was great fishing on the Waterville Fishery today and here are the facts of the day. I start with catch of the day and that goes to 9 year old Master Brian Hoare, who caught his first ever 4 ½ lbs.  Salmon on the fly and his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of said fair play to young Brian, he played his Salmon like a pro. All I can say is may it be the first of many and staying with Brian, his Father Mr. Kevin Hoare, caught a fine 3 ½ lbs. Sea Trout on the fly, plus he told me that they lost a Salmon and rose another.

Now to the Sea Trout department. Michael Jones, fishing out of the Bog, had 5 Juniors  and I met a couple of nice Sea Trout. Now we head upstream to the upper Lakes and Lough Cloonaghlin, Mr. Jim Sayers and his good friend John caught a fine 4 ½  lbs. Hen Sea Trout and a nice Sea Trout of 1 ½ lbs. and also caught a good few Brown Trout and just for the record all their fish were returned to fight another day. Anglers take note. Plus they were all caught on the fly.

On that note, we will take off from Lough Cloonaghlin and land safely on the Banks of the River Inny. Mr. Noel Clancy of Kildare and Waterville caught a cracker of a 13 lbs. Salmon on the fly and in the past week, Dr. Derry Gibson caught a fine 9 lbs. Salmon on the Inny again caught on the fly. On the World Famous Butlers Pool and of  local Angler Mr. Kevin O’Shea caught two fine Grilse on the fly. Wind SW light and overcast all day.

Kevin O' Shea
Kevin O’ Shea enjoyed fishing at the Butler’s Pool
Ivor had this fish on the Inny
Ivor had this fish on the Inny

10/8/15 There was some good all round fishing from the Waterville Fishery. Local Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of caught a fine 6 ½ lbs. Grilse on the troll. Now we cut across the Lake to the North side and the Bungalow, Arthur Samios aged 14 from Sydney Australia with his 7lb salmon caught on the troll while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Junior Scully. Now we head for the Upper Lakes and Lough Cloonaghlin, Mr. Kevin Lavery of Killarney, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of caught 2 Brown Trout both in the 1 ½ lbs. class and finished his day off  with two Sea Trout ranging from 2 lbs. up to 3 lbs. Yes you have it, we take flight across the Valley to the River Inny, Mr. Ivor O’Connor, caught a fine 6 lbs Salmon caught on a Park Shrimp Micro Tube Fly. Mr. Sion Brain of caught a fine Grilse on the world famous Butlers Pool and of Wind WNW fresh with good cloud cover.

11/8/15 All quiet on the SW front and with little to no wind and bright sunshine that’s not surprising and if there were any catches of some sort my noble Anglers failed to report their manipulations. Just for the record there was a light breeze from the west this evening.

Grilse caught on the Butlers Pool
Grilse caught on the Butlers Pool


12/8/15 Lough Currane was like a mill pond with bright sunshine and with all the odds against my Noble Anglers, Lough Currane came up trumps. First in the striking zone was French Angler, Mr. Ludovic Tessier of Orleans France, who caught a fresh 10 lbs. Salmon on the troll, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of and just for the record they lost two more. Now we head for the West end and the Bog. Local Angler Mr. Gerard Cronin caught a fine 5 lbs. Grilse on the troll and by the time he got back to the Bog this evening his Noble Salmon was half way to Dublin. On his arrival back at the Bog he was greeted my a Noble Fishery Officer and he asked Gerard did he have any luck. Gerard replied caught one and its on its way to Dublin City with its blue tag intact. Weather as already stated.

That is your ration from the opening days on Lough Currane, from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery, no spin no fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby

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