Jim Clohessy, TopFisher.eu, reports from Cork:

Sunday’s run was spurred on by a forecast for windy weather for the next week! It was a short trip suiting the tide, wind and cold. Although it not as cold as I thought it would be.There was a good scattering of codling about with a few small pollack thrown in. Best cod pushed 5lb.

Codling! Keeps things ticking over at this time of year..
Codling! Keeps things ticking over at this time of year..

I fished 45g for the most part as the tide was brisk enough and 25 & 30’s were just a bit too vague.
I found a Sakura Majikeel 220 on the bench in the shed so I mounted it on a 45g head. I guess it was a leftover from the Cork Small Boats Festival (Rob normally has a few Majikeels on the go). It caught well until I lost it! It’s a grand lure for this style of fishing because they are tough yet supple.

Jim Clohessy - Cod

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