Peter Aspinwall reports on the bass fishing around Clonakilty…

17 August: Good day out in the bay with a very special mate of mine. We did our apprenticeships together, lived together, always fished with one another and partied like lunatics! Peter Dighton had an 8lb bass this morning, the biggest of seven on the boat.

Peter Dighton had this fabulous fish this morning

18 August: The bay is fishing well! Another two belters. John Lunn had a nine pounder this morning and Jack caught an eight pound fish in the afternoon.

The bay is fishing well
3 bass over 8lb in last couple of days

With Peter Dighton’s fish of eight pounds the previous day that’s three over eight pounds in two days. The next two months are “prime time”. All three fish were returned.

Peter Aspinwall
Clonakilty Bass Guide

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