Martin McKenna PRO of Emy and District anglers reports:

A fantastic days fishing was had by the 17 club members, who took part in the Eugene Mulligan / Pat McMahon competition on Emy Lough on Sunday last, April 26th. Of the 17 anglers, 3 were youths. Many thanks to Enda Fields, Youth Coordinator, for his hard work and encouragement with these youngsters. In total 14 fish were landed – the best result for a long time. Conditions were cold, windy and showery but these hardy bucks stuck it out for the 4 hour duration of the competition to produce a great result.

Afterwards we returned to a cozy High House, where Seamus had a grand fire lit in his stove and in the pool room where we gathered for the presentation. Monica Skinnader had much needed food prepared for us – thank you Monica. With the heaviest fish and winner of the Eugene Mulligan cup presented by Eugenes brother, Vincey, was Tommy McCaffery, with a fish 2lb 8 ozs.

Emy and District competiton3

Emy and District competiton 4Winner of the heaviest bag with 2 fish weighing a total of 3lb 8ozs and winner of the Pat Owen McMahon cup presented by Pat’s son, Leo, was Dick Kiernan, club secretary. Second heaviest bag was Brian Corrigan. The youths had a good result also with a fish each for Calum McKenna and Kieran McQuaid. Hard luck to James Hughes, who had to retire with rod damage. Thanks to all who took part.

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