Tourist anglers are enjoying great pike fishing holidays in the Boyle area with Bodo Funke of  Angling Services Ireland

A lovely 100cm+ pike for Lorenzo who is our ‘Catch of the Week’ winner

07/10: Nice new PB for Lorenzo in Boyle yesterday, 103cm. Lorenzo wasn’t the only angler to meet a big fish, David also had a pike of 94cm.
Another 100cm plus pike for Lorenzo
Another 100cm plus pike for Lorenzo

09/10: Our Italian guests had lots more fish. Tomorrow is their last day fishing before we have a new group coming in.
12/10: After a slow start- Bam! New PB for Gilbert and biggest of the week so far 110 cm and some nice fish for Phillip too and ~ 50 perch for some relaxing fun fishing – all Catch and Release.

13/10: Great day of mixed fishing today with Gilbert Cogez and Phillipe with over 120 perch to 40+cm and pike to 92cm, all Catch and Release.
Bodo Funke
Angling Services Ireland

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Bodo Funke, has been professional angling guide on the waters around Boyle Co. Roscommon for over 14 years. His guiding company Angling Services Ireland is specialised in guided fishing tours and package holidays in the area. Aboard his sizeable American fishing boat he can take up to three anglers on guided tours. For bigger groups there are other excellent guides in the team.
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