Luke Aston of the Clare Dragoon reports on the last few days charter fishing…

skate fishing
One of the smaller skate that was landed before release

We fished Thursday (14 July) mostly at anchor and got a few Spurdogs, and Bullhuss. Koen had 3 Skate the best of which was about 150lbs and released at the side of the boat. The group finished up their trip on Friday with a breezy day in the estuary. We got a few nice Tope though.

Tope in the Estuary are a handy fall back when its too windy on the Atlantic

Back on a day charter on Saturday. Plenty mackerel pollack and coalies. On Sunday I had a team of anglers start their week’s angling holiday. It was another milestone for us here. For the ninth year in a row we have had at least one Six Gill shark to the boat. Sunday was Bob’s turn and he had one at 3.5 m and over 700lbs. Bob wins Catch of the Week for this monster fish. The trouble is they came for 5 days fishing….what do I do now for the other 4? It turns out plenty. What weather they gort on monday. Our best fish a this 60 plus Skate. Garry also had another slightly smaller one.

700lb shark
Another Monster sixgill shark for the Clare Dragoon. This one was 3.5m and estimated to weigh 700lb

Yesterday we did a double day and fished into the dark. We had 5 skate averaging about 70lbs. We also had another Six Gill to the boat but it shook the hook as soon as it surfaced and headed right back down.

Go fishing…

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