IADA reports on the Easter 2 Festival on Lough Muckno…

If the result of the Easter One festival was a foregone conclusion on the second day, such is not the case on Easter two, as the field bunches heavily at the top of affairs.

Lough Muckno - Easter 2
Lough Muckno – Easter 2

As expected Buchwalder and Hughes figure prominently but neither are having it their own way on this one, with the virtual field gathering to see them off the perch in the top spots, as they currently lie one and two in the running.

Ronan Ryan sticking to the plan, along with the hugely consistent Brian Nesbitt and newcomer Tim Kaye are stalking the leaders with intent in 3rd 4th and 5th respectively with no sign of letting up.

Paul Leese the early threat, is still very much in the hunt for top honours as is one of the real pre festival favourites Pete Patton now coming into his own and the very adept and clever Andrew Lightbown, both having good solid days today.
We advised not to discount O’Neill and he vindicated that caution today, with a charge into the top ten as expected and will do more, before festival end.

The final spot in the top ten is taken currently by Massimo Malservesi a significant regional angler in Italy where he fishes regularly in the top league.

This is his 3rd Lough Muckno Festival and this year both he and his travelling partner Alberto Falcomer (4 Festivals in successive years) intend to make a second trip, taking in the Autumn Festival also on their now favourite venue in any country, the fantastic Lough Muckno.

Leader board
Leader board

Tony Kersley, Julian Kendrick, Mick Smith and several others will also continue to threaten and some from this group will be on the podium on Friday night if the gods look favourably on them, at around 9am tomorrow morning and in the open draw which will be very significant on the final day.

Fishing was again fair and even on mostly unforgiving sections today, with small failures to get things right, being magnified massively in the outcomes when the scales arrived at 4.30pm and many guys were left shaking their heads in equal measures of regret , self admonishment and reproach.

Lough Muckno
Lough Muckno

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