Nine teams took part in the Sensas Challenge Ireland team event on Inniscarra last weekend. The event organised by Sensas Ireland saw teams travel from across Ireland, France and England to take part. Congratulations to the Sensas Dennets team on their win!

Top three winning teams;
1st Sensas Dennetts 22 points
2nd Sensas Ireland Black 25 points
3rd Team England U25 26 points

inniscarra-sensas-challenge-2016-pic-2Well done to Eoin Rogers who was out for some practise ahead of representing Ireland in the Youth U15 squad for the championships on the venue this year. Eoin came second in his section of 9!

Cathal Hughes was top Individual Cathal Hughes just grammes ahead of second placed Aiin Alphidean.

inniscarra-sensas-challenge-2016-pic-1Report: The annual Irish Sensas Challenge finished for another year.
This event , fished to international Cips rules, saw teams compete including current U25 Team world champions England alongside the mighty Team 28 from France and 7 other teams from Ireland. These 7 teams however consisted of 2 teams from Tubertini ,made up of anglers with lots of international experience on the world stage. There was also 2 teams from Sensas Ireland with lots of experience of these types of events and 2 very good teams from Ballyhaunis and Cork , who have both represented Ireland at recent World club championships.
However, it was the very impressive Sensas Dennetts team that took the accolades from this outstanding field. The team consisting of Philip Jackson, Cathal Hughes and Shane and Rory Dunne were always going to be difficult to beat as they are simply an awesome collation of pure natural fishing talent combined with years of experience. Scoring 10 points on day 1 , they led from Team England by 5 on 15 points and Team 28 on 16 and Sensas Ireland Black on 18 points in 4th.
Day 2 really was a bit of an anomaly and one which nobody could have predicted.
Basically among the 4 sections most of the fish had abandoned the pole line and backed off into the deeper water of the slider line.
inniscarra-sensas-challenge-2016-pic-3A lot of teams and anglers had anticipated a bumper day on the pole and hadn’t even put up slider rods , myself included!!
However there was still a match to be won and overall positions to be jockied for.
It was the usual calculation of points along the shoreline and contrasting tallies of opposing teams mixed among team mates phone calls that kept it interesting right till the end.
Sensas Dennetts finished day 2 on 12 points with Team England pipping them by 1 point on 11 points but it was our own Sensas Ireland Black who won day 2 with an amazing total of 7 points. This helped them leap frog both Team England and Team 28 into second place overall. So here’s the points for the top 3 teams.
Sensas Dennetts 22 points
Sensas Ireland Black 25 points
Team England U25 26 points
On the individual front , it was Cathal Hughes who finished top , pipping Alin Apahidean on weight with them both finishing on 3 points each.

inniscarra-sensas-challenge-2016-pic-4I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every angler that travelled mostly long distances to support this event . Without your appetite for such events , they simply wouldn’t happen. I would also like to thank Tommy Lawton and Mike Stone for their help over the weekend. Also without Eileen and her staff at O’ Callaghans pub and bed and breakfast, there wouldn’t be the same friendly warm atmosphere which contributes massively to the good spirits and banter , in making these events a possibility.
Lastly, a big thank you to all my own team mates for helping with everything from pegging to computer skills !!
Roll on next year

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