Mackenzie Pro Guide Jason O’Riordan  shares his knowledge with us:

At this early part of the season a lot of anglers tend to ignore terrestrial flies but here is one that you really have to watch out for in the coming weeks – the Hawthorne fly.

source: caledonia flies
Hawthorne Fly – source: caledonia flies

The Hawthorne fly is a black fly with long straggly legs and it is a poor flyer.  As the weather warms up this fly will become more plentiful (in fact I have seen some in good numbers already).  Ideally you want a stiff breeze as well as the rise in temperatures because this is needed to blow the flies onto the water.  Once there they are not very good at escaping and present a good meal for a hungry trout.

Dry Hawthorne – source-

If the Hawthorne are there in sufficient numbers on rivers and lakes, a dry fly pattern will work a treat.  There are some good imitations out there tied with foam bodies or extended chenille bodies.  The black knotted legs are an important trigger point.  Trout will also mop up the drowned fly and a ginked-up wet fly such as a bibio hopper can work very well.

source- caledonia flies
Bibio Hopper – source- caledonia flies

Jason reminds us that there is still a place or two left on the Match the Hatch river trout fly fishing course on the River Rye near Leixlip on May 1st.  If anyone is interested contact Jason or Ken Whelan.

Jason O'Riordan - Match the hatch - May 2016

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Ken runs his own fisheries consultancy. He has been a keen angler since a very young age and has written extensively on angling topics. He has fished in many remote locations throughout the world and he is a qualified angling instructor (AAPGAI and STANIC) and angling guide. Ken has also produced, scripted and presented many films and videos on various aspects of Irish fisheries and angling. He is a regular radio contributor to Mooney Goes Wild on RTE. Lucky to have weaved his hobby into his job, he is never quite sure whether he is working or enjoying himself!

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