Inland Fisheries Ireland’s National Research Survey Programme has today publised 16 reports. Each report summarises the results of the 2022 fish stock survey carried out on the lake using Inland Fisheries Ireland’s fish in lakes monitoring protocol. The protocol is WFD compliant and provides insight into fish stock status in the lake.

The lake surveyed were

  1. Arderry,
  2. Ballyquirke,
  3. Bane,
  4. Beltra,
  5. Carra,
  6. Conn,
  7. Cullin,
  8. Glenade,
  9. Kylemore,
  10. Lene,
  11. Lettercaffroe,
  12. Mask,
  13. Maumwee,
  14. Ree,
  15. Ross,
  16. Shindilla

All the reports are available at this link: