Vincent Appleby reports from a windy Lough Currane…

Lough Currane
Lough Currane

17/2/16 There were at least 6 Boats out which is great to see but sadly their rods and reels were all quiet on the SW front and with a rising lake my Noble Anglers have a good excuse. Wind WNW light with showers, amount of rainfall yesterday was 43.6 mm.

18/2/16  There were just a few boats out manipulating their lures in a light NW wind with a few showers as my Noble Anglers looked up to the heavens in anticipation but to no avail.

19/2/16 There were four  boats manipulating and I can say they failed in all departments. On the weather front there was a light northerly wind blowing across Currane  with the odd shower.

20/2/16 The weather takes all the headlines as the anglers just could  only look out from the shore line in anticpation of a lull in the strong Westerly  wind but to no avail, even  though I’m sure there may have been the odd mad hatter who ventured out. Wind as already stated, overcast with rain.

21/2/16  This is your meteorological Report for today, there was a strong WNW wind blowing across Lough Currane today with good cloud cover with misty rain throughout the day. Going by the Waterville Lake secret service there was only one boat out hitting the waves, the reason I say this is because by all accounts that’s all he hit.

22/2/16 All quiet on the SW front, There were four boats manipulating up and down the North Shore, as the Wild Atlantic Salmon looked up and gave my Noble Anglers a Winston Churchill. Wind North and light with reasonable cloud cover.

23/2/16 All quiet on the SW front and I must apologise on behalf of all the Lough Currane angler’s for their lack of skill in catching the wild Atlantic Salmon.
Just for the record there was four boats out manipulating, wind SE light with bright sunshine.

24/2/16 There were seven Boats out on Lough Currane today which is great to see, but sadly they all failed miserably in their duties to procure the Wild Spring Atlantic Salmon, as they looked to the sky’s as the jets flew over Kerry. Wind East light with bright sunshine.

That is your ration from last few days on Lough Currane, from your Ghillie and the Waterville Fishery, no spin no fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby

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