David McEvoy reports from Delphi where things are moving at a slow pace:

Our Grilse fishing has not really taken off yet, but hopefully like last year we will see a big improvement in the last two weeks of July and the first week in August. Despite some lovely water since my last update and good fishing pressure, the fishing was slow. We have landed seven fish since my last update all of which were grilse.

Roger Kenny was first off the mark last week and indeed it was great to see. Roger takes his fishing at a leisurely pace so it was all the more special when he landed a nice grilse of 3lbs 13ozs on a Collie Dog in the Quarry Pool. John Faith also had a nice fish that evening of 5lbs 8ozs from the Rock Pool on a Foxford Shrimp.

Delphi - July 2016 18thThe following day the 12th there were three landed. David Allcutt had one of 3lbs 7ozs from the Rock Pool on a Cascade and then Helmut Lechermann had one from Cooleens of 3lbs 6ozs on an Allie Shrimp. Andrew Norris from Dublin also managed to land his first ever salmon, a small grilse of 2lbs 8ozs from the Grilse Pool on a Cascade.

David Allcutt landed his second for the week on Friday morning, again on the Rock Pool of approx. 4lbs on a Delphi Collie. Finally Mike Shortt had a fish of 3lbs 14ozs yesterday from the Bridge Pool on a Cascade.

There are still some nice sea trout being caught and George and Helen Westropp landed five on Saturday evening including two of approx. 2.5lbs.

The weather has improved dramatically here today with clear blue skies and bright sunshine and temperatures into the 20’s, so there is plenty of beautiful scenery to admire. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will see an improvement in the runs of fish!

David McEvoy
Delphi Fishery

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