Vincent Appleby reports on some excellent sea trout and salmon from the Currane:

Mr. Mark Knowles  with his fine catch
Mr. Mark Knowles with his fine catch

13/4/16 There was some fine action on the lake today, so straight to the action. In the C&R department, UK angler Mr. Mark Knowles while fly fishing had a good battle with an 8 lbs. Salmon which he won, then he sportingly let his Salmon live and hopefully fight for the spawning grounds of the Commeragh River this coming December. Now to the Sea Trout fly Department, Cork angler, Mr. Tom Murphy, was in good form again, while fishing an intermediate fly line, caught himself a fine Sea Trout in the 4 to 5 lbs. class.

Tham with his Hound and fine catch 10 1/2 lbs. Salmon.
Tham with his Hound and fine catch
10 1/2 lbs. Salmon.

Now we head for the trolling department, Local angler Mr. Anulak Hitmiangsong of or as he is known in the Kingdom, Tham, caught a fine 10 ½ lbs. Salmon on the troll. Staying in the trolling department, Cork Angler, Mr. Barry Martin, while fishing with good friend Jerry O’Sullivan caught a fine 7 ½ lbs Salmon in Copal on the South side and Jerry was telling me that they lost a fine Salmon in the 10 lbs. class in the morning. Wind SE light to calm with the odd shower.

Vincent caught on the Fly
Vincent – caught on the Fly

14/4/16 Lough Currane kept its International fly reputation in the Salmon department today, so here is the action as it unfolded out during the day. First in the striking fly zone was local Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan of while fly-fishing off the Morgan’s Rock, caught a fine 10 ½ lbs. Salmon.

Jerry and Barry Caught on the Fly
Jerry and Barry Caught on the Fly

Now we stay with the fly and head for the Ledge in the Mouth of the Commeragh, Mr. Jerry O’Sullivan and Mr. Barry Martin were in good form again today, as Jerry cast his fly at the Ledge and his good Friend Martin held the boat, all hell broke out as Jerry’s fly rod was bent double into a cracker of a Salmon in the 10 lbs. class and it wasn’t long before Barry lifted up the net and had one swipe and as they say the rest is history. Staying at the Ledge, Jerry was telling me that it wasn’t long before he had another cracker of a Salmon on, but sadly my noble Salmon gave them a Winston Churchill, but as Jerry said a fine two days fishing.

Tim caught on the Troll
Tim caught on the Troll

Now for a International taste in the trolling department,  Dutch angler Mr. Tim Van Der Laan, who I might add, has been coming to Waterville for well over 35 years, celebrated all those years in style by catching a  fine 10 lbs. Salmon, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Snr. Wind East light to calm with April showers.

15/4/16 What can I say ? Well for  starter’s BBC’s Top Gear were  in The Kingdom  today but my Noble Anglers  were not in top gear  or any gear except  their fishing gear and they failed miserably in their duties too in catching a wild Atlantic Salmon or a wild specimen  Seatrout. Wind Northeast light with showers.

16/4/16 Short and sweet this evening. Here are the facts  of the day, there aren’t any and for the simple reason my Noble Anglers were still out of Gear, that Mr. Chris Evans has a lot to answer for? Top Gear or not. Well we Anglers always have a good excuse and with Top Gear and bright sunshine and a Northeast wind what do you expect.

Martin Lanigan O’Keeffe did well go get his fish

17/04/16 Mr. Martin Lanigan O’Keeffe, fishing with his gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy and of caught A fine 10 lbs. Salmon off the Morgan’s Rock. Now for quote of the day from Martin’s Gillie Mr. Dominic  McGillicuddy, Not bad for a amateur and not bad for the Top fly Man/Gillie on Waterville Lake.
Lough Currane is fishing  hard  as you can tell by the last few days and today was no exception and with no wind to talk of, so my Noble fly were made redundant. On the trolling front there were no reports  of any rod benders.

Martin strikes again!

18/4/6 Local angler, Mr. Martin Lanigan O’Keeffe, caught a fine 9 lbs. salmon on the fly, while fishing with his Gillie and Lough Currane’s number one fly Guide . Another local angler, Mr. Paddy Walsh, caught a fine salmon on the troll, in the 8 lbs. class.and for the rest of the angling community all quiet on the SW front. Wind NW light with reasonable cloud cover.

Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy

19/04/16 Cork Angler Mr. Tom Murphy caught a fine Specimen Sea Trout in the 6 lbs. class on the fly. All  else quiet on the SW front. So on that note, Goggle says his quote of the day is what happened to Mr. Fly today, ( Blank)? Now back to yesterday, Wind SE light with bright sunshine.

That is your ration from last few days on Lough Currane, from your Ghillie and the Waterville Fishery, no spin no fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby

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