David McEvoy, fishery manager at Delphi is delighted to report a super salmon caught on International Ladies day:
For the second year in succession the 20lbs barrier has been broken here at Delphi. It is indeed rather appropriate that on International Women’s Day, Yvonne Zirngibl being the only woman in a party of five, landed what is surely the biggest fly caught salmon in the country so far this year.

Yvonne Zirngibl with 20lbs 6oz salmon on International Ladies day
Yvonne Zirngibl wins Catch of the Week with her 20lbs 6oz salmon caught on International Ladies day

The fish weighing in at 20lbs 6ozs was taken on a Norwegian Conehead Tube, below the rock in the Waterfall Pool, with the water running at 45. The fish was duly netted by her husband Werner and great celebrations ensued. Yvonne was fishing a 12’6” double handed rod with a floating line. It is Yvonne’s biggest ever salmon and I suppose you could say she’s on cloud 9 at the moment.
It is absolutely fantastic that a small system like Delphi can produce such fabulous fish. The fish which was one of our own is more than likely a three sea winter, but I will clarify this at a later date. It is now the second biggest of the modern era and lies in 14th place since records began.
So I must congratulate Yvonne on this great feat from all here at Delphi and hopefully there may be a few more 20lbs plus fish this year.
David McEvoy
Delphi Fishery

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