Guide Sean Jordan of Bass fishing Wexford reports:

Last crew of 2016 Rich, & Ade from the North of England patiently waited for their window to come after we had to rearrange due to poor weather a while back, it all came together lately with a decent spell of high pressure over Ireland combining with favorable tides, & winds.

A “Home Alone” Seal pup made for the safety of the water as we passed by on our hike to one of the intended spots, with water temp still good enough for surface lures Ade clipped on his beloved “Sammy”, & after a couple of misses he was into a few fish in the 60cm bracket. Rich had most of the luck the next day with his favored SP’s, the Savage gear Sandeel coming up trumps for him with fish in the 50, & 60cm bracket…. “It were worth waiting for” Ade reckoned, and he was right, it was…..

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