News reached IFI yesterday of a possible spring salmon caught at Careysville Fishery on the Munster Blackwater. The fish had been landed on the opening day for the river (February 1st) by  Ronan O’Connor. Fishery Manager Patrick Devennie recognised the fish as a fresh salmon and after a quick inspection of the fishes condition, scales, vent and gills was satisfied he should contact IFI. The salmon was confirmed as a fresh run fish by IFI staff this morning.

first salmon 2017
The first salmon of the year, a 7lb fish from Careysville. Caught by Ronan O’Connor

Ronan’s springer, weighing 7 lbs, was caught on a spinner – the old reliable Flying-C. The river was high at 3′ 7″ on the Careysville gauge, with around 2ft visibility. The fish was caught at 4pm following a long cold morning full of rain and blustery winds. The afternoon saw conditions improve, the rain died off and the wind eased – some anglers believe they saw sunshine on the water! A few fresh fish were spotted then and shortly after Ronan struck into his bar of silver.

Yesterday a large flood made 6′ 4″ on the Careysville gauge and though this has dropped to 5′ 6″ it is expected to rise again following last nights rain in the upper catchment. Once this has fined down fishing should pick up.

Patrick Devennie
Careysville Fishery Manager

Go fishing…

Careysville Fishery offers some of the best salmon fly fishing in Ireland and includes 26 named pools. It is considered by many to be one of premier beats for salmon fishing in Ireland. Wading is excellent and among the numerous streams, pools and glides there is a great variety of fly fishing to suit both complete novice and challenge the most competent of fly casters.

Careysville, Clondulane, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland
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