David Edwards, skipper of charter boat Tigger, is still fishing and his anglers are even meeting specimens at this late stage in the year. Here he gives a run down of the season that was 2017…

As we reach the close of 2017 I had a think on how the fishing went out of Clonakilty this year. Spring saw a abundance of good Pollack and Coalies inshore along with a decent number of Cod to low double figures. Mackerel were also plentiful through April and May which helped us get into the Blue Sharks in good numbers from the first week of June.

Mackerel pretty much disappeared for the rest of the year with only odd days providing more than a few dozen fish meaning artificials were used more than previous seasons and this didn’t seem to impact too much on the number of fish coming aboard.

155lb Porbeagle about to be released

By July,  Porbeagle Sharks were putting in a good showing with four being caught on one trip and our largest went 155lb, I am very hopeful that these will continue to grow in size and numbers during the coming seasons. Blue Sharks were a constant until late October but very unpredictable in numbers, in the space of three days we had a trip where only 2 were boated and a trip where twenty eight came alongside!

In most cases Pollack and Coalie were the main baits due to the shortage of Mackerel.

Izaak’s Whiting was exactly 60cm long on the measuring mat and as he’s a very keen angler he will be claiming the specimen

In total we caught twenty six species and although our 155lb Porgie was memorable I would have put the mackerel that was just short of 3lb as being the top fish this year until Izaak Bradley pulled up a superb 3lb 12oz Whiting this week, it just goes to show that the quality of fish available on the West Cork coastline can be superb at anytime of year.

Roll on 2018

David Edwards
Clonakilty Coastal and Deep Sea Charters

Go fishing…

Tigger is a purpose built Procharter 31 angling boat, powered by a 330HP diesel engine and equipped with all necessary safety equipment. Reef and ground drift fishing is generally the most productive method with the potential to catch in excess of 20 species if you adapt your lures and baits accordingly. From mid June through to October it’s usually possible to target the blue shark fishing that is predominatly between 10-15 miles off the estuary.  All sharks are released and recent seasons have seen larger species such as mako and threshers being sighted more frequently.
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