Richie Ryan, the pride of Carlow, bass angling guide and Cork Harbour afficinado has been in touch with another fishy tale. Richie takes up the story.

Heading out with my good friends Kevin Mc Loughlin and Dr. Jacques Bronkhorst for one of our fishing forays we were seriously disappointed to see an East wind whipping up Cork Harbour. It was supposed to be calm ! Reckoning on a short session aboard Sea Hawk we headed outside the confines of the harbour itself but had to get in close to the land for shelter.

Richie and Jaques on Cork Harbour – the seal was just under the boat.

Pleasantly surprised by the size of the Pollack falling to the fly so close in I noticed a huge seal working alongside us. I gleefully pointed him out to Kevin who grunted something unprintable. You see Kev was a salmon nets man in a previous life and lost a small fortune to them from his licensed nets. I had hooked a really fine Pollack on the fly. The Doc and myself saw a huge shadow emerging under the boat heading towards the fighting fish. The reel started screaming, and so did we , seal on ! The fight was short but I must say those seals give a good account of themselves on light tackle.  I reckon it was a specimen !  As if to really rub salt in the wound he surfaced astern of Sea Hawk happily munching his quarry. That seal must have known who to target next. You guessed it , Kevin. Rod bent over double he was having great fun with another very large Pollack. Again the reel started screaming and the seal was off again. Another short run and snap. I made up a saying a long time ago on the boat when 2 out 3 anglers have a fish on board, ” nearly all of us have fish now “.  On this occasion Jacques was very happy to be left out.

A small bass for Richie – a welcome change from the thieving seal

A switch of tactics was called for on the way home. I suggested we chuck some fluff at a bass mark. Myself and the Doc tied on a Fulling Mill Softy Sandeel , Kev tried his salmon fly. I hooked up a small bass , they weren’t playing ball. Speaking of ball , the All Ireland beckoned. You see I have some Mayo blood in me. Now how do I claim my specimen seal award Inland Fisheries Ireland ?

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