Frank Turner had the shock of his life on Sunday when fishing Blessington for pike. Fishing a hard lure he was covering the water as usual when the rod bent into a good fish. As he played it to the net he felt there might be something a little odd about the pike he had hooked, but as it showed itself it was suddenly clear he was into a huge trout.

This huge trout took a pike lure on Blessington #CPRsavesfish

Frank has been pike fishing on Blessington for 15 years, and has caught more than a few trout in that time, but you can imagine how ecstatic and amazed he was to catch this beautiful old brown trout on one of his favorite pike lures. It’s no surprise to us that this smashing fish wins Catch of the Week.

Needless to say after a quick photo to record the moment the fish was released safely.