The weekending 01 July was a very challenging time on the Moy as the sun blazed down. Despite the bright conditions 245 salmon were reported caught across the system. Most of the fish were caught early morning or late evening. Water temperatures have remained below 14C to date.

Steve Hazeldine, Ridge Pool
Melquiades Alvarez Ridge Pool. 01-07-2018 08-45-42
Melquiades Alvarez. Ridge Pool.

Among those who did venture out on the Moy Fishery and were successful were Tristan Bayard France 7.25 lbs on fly – Ridge Pool, Romeo Zottie Switzerland 7 lbs on fly – Ridge Pool, Melquiades Alvarez Spain 3.75 lbs on fly – Ridge Pool [Photo], Steve Hazeldine UK. 3+4 lbs on fly –Ridge Pool [Photo] Serigo Breton Diez Spain 4.75 lbs on fly – Weir Pool, Rob Malcolm UK. 3 salmon on fly, 1 released – Weir Pool.

Dr Richard Wallace at Forxford

Upstream John Tobin, UK, had a 4+lbs salmon on prawn at the Coolcronan Fishery. Patrick Zolliker, Switzerland, caught 2 fish 4 lbs each on Bubble & Fly at Gannons Fishery. Dr Richard Wallace had 2 fish on Bubble & fly at the Foxford Fishery. Graham Horlock, UK, had a 5lbs salmon on worm from Cloongee Fishery. Herve Quentin, France, had a 3lbs grilse on fly, released off East Mayo Anglers.

While the good weather is forecast to continue temperatures will not be as high as last week and with some cloud cover conditions should improve.

How’s the river doing? Check the Ridge Pool Webcam

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