Bass guide, Richie Ryan, in Cork Harbour, swopped history lessons for bass and pollacking tips at the weekend. Richie takes up the story…

I recently got a call and the guy on the other end asked is that Jim the bass guide? He said he had met me at an angling show in Dublin. I was perplexed. Turns out Jim Clohessy had given him my number. Thanks Jim , I owe you a pint ! And this is how I got to meet Karoly Gyorfi from Transylvania. I know everybody immediately thinks Dracula and Vampires, but as I discovered , there’s a lot more to that beautiful country. I got an extremely interesting history lesson from him, my favourite subject.

small bass
small bass were plentiful on day 1 #CPRsavesfish

Karl was happy to try a mix of bass fishing and pollack on the fly, my kind of client. If bass fishing isn’t working then the angler at least gets to bend a rod. The first day was too windy to venture too far so we concentrated on bass. A small bass on the first cast got our spirits up but day one only provided a few bass, all small. I saw the bass guru Andy Davies complaining on Facebook that he was being plagued by schoolie bass, a good complaint I responded.

A change of tactics selected a better bass. #CPRsavesfish

Day 2 was quite windy but forecast to drop off. Again a few small bass to start. Time to change tactics. Karl had said he caught a few pike off the surface so that was good to hear. It can be very frustrating watching a client learning how to use a surface lure and not quite getting the hang of it, particularly when you know the bass are there. From the first cast I knew he had the knack. A smash at the Lucky Craft Sammy was welcome. No connection though. Then it happened, a huge lunge at the lure and a shout of excitement, fish on! I knew this was a big bass. The sense of excitement for client and guide was palpable. I could see we had a dearth of water under my boat so I had to manoeuvre away from the fish but Karl was playing a blinder. Then the unthinkable happened, the bass got stuck in a large clump of weed. I moved the boat closer which fortunately spooked the fish out of the weed. “Keep his head up” I said. Net ready this beautiful bar of silver was gently placed in the net and then on the deck of Sea Hawk. Over 70 cms and 8.5 Lbs , Karl was shaking like a leaf. Giving the bass a small while to recover, he swam away with vigour.

pollack on the fly
Pollack on the fly was the next lesson – #CPRsavesfish

Since I started the business, I have rarely seen anyone enjoy catching a fish as much as this man from Transylvania. A lesson in fly fishing for pollack as promised, another good session, with the inevitable mention every so often by my guest about that fish. Karl said he’d definitely be back some time. After that experience, I don’t doubt it.

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