Stefan Martin from Killybegs Mariners SAC reports on the fishing around Donegal Bay…
Something that keeps the shore angler dreaming all winter is the thought of summer’s evenings on the rocks with the sun starting the downhill path and tinting the bay a red glow and lure rods arched over by hard fighting pollack and wrasse as the gannets soar overhead working the herds of sandeels rounded up by the underwater farmers… Great fun with a few anglers together working the fish and competing for numbers and size and getting all released back after quick snaps.

Into a good fish – pollack or wrasse?

When the tide ebbed and darkness fell we got the mackerel we feathered earlier out to see was the congers about and it didn’t take long before the ratchet went and one of our largest shore target species was splashing and spinning like a crocodile to the landing net, absolute mayhem before he slid away again to the dark silent depths.

A small lobster also got stuck on the mackerel fillet hook but unfortunately it was too small to keep shucks… a great evening out on the rocks again.
Lobster – too small to keep

Stefan Martin
Killybegs mariners SAC

Go fishing…

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