Jim Linehan of the Deora Dé reports on the fishing and unusual visitors to Cork Harbour…

We had some unusual catches (for us anyway) on Bank Holiday Monday.  One of the teams (from the UK civil service) was fishing in the harbour itself after coming in out of the weather. We had a very small tope, 2 nice bass of 8.5 lbs and just over 6 lbs, and a starry smooth hound of 4.75lbs, along with a few thornback Ray, a nice tub gurnard a brill of around 2lbs and a million doggies and whiting and all were returned alive except for a few pin whiting and poor cod as the mackerel were very scarce. Unusually not a singe Dab was caught all week.

The commercial fishermen up river were reporting getting both common and starry smoothies almost daily over the season. One draft netter had an Atlantic Bonito up in Tivoli. We saw a small shoal of what we think were Bonito. They were really fast moving, jumping clear out of the water and travelling for 10 or 20 feet almost like they were doing the long jump just above the water just outside the harbour mouth on Sunday.

Go fishing…

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