Dan O’Neill reports from the Nore:

Water levels are still low, some strong sedge hatches with some caenis showing late in the evenings – in fact over the last week you could set your watch by these tiny little fellows. A few anglers on the fishery are catching the average sized trout usually late in the evening; the late rises are leaving some anglers totally baffled. There is a huge amount of small trout along the river which is great, watching these acrobatics never gets boring, the beautiful golden color and white belly stands out unmistakably against the darkness of the rivers surface. Nymphs are working very well all day long, wet flies like the black spider and deer haired sedge also work quiet well, dry flies work great as soon as the first trout start to rise. I’m using small white almost midge like patterns at present, I put some floatant on the fly and let the magic happen. Salmon are becoming quite visible now all along the river awaiting patiently for some rain which is something I’m sure we never thought we would have to look for in Ireland. All in all some nice trout around and all in quite healthy condition.