Sea Bass Hunter Tomasz Eckert had his first specimen bass of 2018 earlier this week. The fish was just his third Bass this year. It was a beautiful, 71 cm bass which was carefully released after a quick photo to record the moment. A pearl coloured soft plastic, something between a stickbait and shad, was the bait.

Specimen sized bass for Tomasz

Tomasz tells us that what was interesting was that the big fish was caught in neap tide. In the water were thousands of small Sandeel and there were more than fish on the feed. Hunting gannets also were chasing his lures. 
The day saw a second, smaller fish caught on another soft plastic.
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National Bass Programme

IFI has established a National Bass Programme to collect data on bass in order to provide scientific advice to support management and conservation of Ireland’s bass resource. Bass is Ireland’s only marine fish species which is managed for angling. The programme is being developed to determine the status of bass stocks and also to improve understanding of their ecology and biology in Ireland for the long-term sustainability of the species. See further details on