Waterford & District Coarse Angling club held a competition on the lake on Sunday July 14th and some phenomenal catches were recorded. The match was fished on 2 sections with 6 anglers on the Western (smaller) lake and the remainder between the wall and the point to the left of the island near the containers. Both sections fished extremely well and top of the pile with a quite jaw dropping weight of 97lb 6oz was Donatas Petreikis from the corner peg on the wall.

Full keepnets at Ballyshunnock

Rudd fell to whip tactics with the fish coming thick and fast. A close call for runner up was shaded by Attila Paldeak whose whip & pole caught net of 67lb 4oz just edged it over Grazvydas Karalius by just 2oz, less than 1 fish! Most anglers caught well on the whip between 3-7 metres but a few had to fish further out to contact the fish in shallow water. Overall 11 anglers caught 496lb 3oz of mostly rudd with a few tench to 3lb and hybrids to 1lb.

Flat calm and sunshine at Ballyshunnock

The top ten anglers were:

1 Donatas Petreikis 97lb 6oz peg 7

2 Attila Paldeak 67lb 4oz peg 2

3 Grazvydas Karalius 67lb 2oz peg 3

4 Marius Vrubliauskas 51lb 5oz peg 1

5 James Foley 41lb 10oz peg 12 (Waggler)

6 David Norbury 40lb 13oz peg 5

7 Mick Browne 35lb 10oz peg 6

8 George Quinlan 30lb 5oz peg 9 (feeder)

9 Dudley Sniddall 26lb 6oz peg 11

10 Danny Murphy 25lb peg 4 (waggler)