Unsettled weather for the week ending 23 June continued to make angling difficult over the past week. Despite this over 300 salmon were reported caught.

While a number of fish were caught in the Ballina area, mid river fisheries are experiencing very poor fishing with most of the fish running straight through and  being caught just downstream of Foxford and on fisheries upstream of Foxford and L. Conn.

Playing a salmon
Colm O’Sullivan in action on the Ridge Pool.

On the Moy Fishery Colm O’Sullivan Meath 6 lbs. approx. on fly – Ridge Pool [Photo], Tristan Bayard France 5 lbs. on fly – Ridge Pool, Raymond McBirney NI. 4.5 lbs. on spinner – Ridge Pool, Eugine Farrell Dublin 4 lbs. on worm – Ridge Pool, Garry Mongey Dublin 3.5 lbs. on worm – Ridge Pool. Gerry Byrne Dublin 3 lbs. on spinner – Cathedral Beat.

Netting a salmon
Colm prepares to release his salmon

Upstream Keith Tolley, John Waters, Kevin Farrer, David Kirkpatrick, Paul O’Mally and Martin Capp were just a few of the anglers who had fish on the Foxford Fishery. Further upstream Michael Ashley UK. 12 lbs. on Bubble & fly, Michael James UK. 11 lbs. on worm and Mark Follis NI. 5.5 lbs. on worm – Cloongee Fishery. Tyuse Risseenn Switzerland 13 lbs. on fly, Fred Poignant France 2 lbs. on spinner & 12 lbs. on worm and Bob Thomas UK. 3 lbs. on fly – East Mayo Anglers water.

With water levels dropping and more settled weather forecast condition should improve over the coming week.

Hows the river doing…

For more about the River Moy and its fisheries, including prices and maps see – https://www.fishinginireland.info/salmon/northwest/river_moy_system.htm