Moy system WE Sunday 1st September 2019.

Heavy rain at the start of the week resulted in a big brown flood by Wednesday which made the river unfishable for the rest of the week. Angling effort was poor with 88 salmon reported caught and over half of these were taken on fisheries upstream of Ballina the remainder were spread right across the system.

Moy System WE Sunday 8th September 2019.

As the week progressed  water levels dropped back angling effort increased and 134 salmon were reported caught, again the bulk of these fish were caught upstream of Ballina. Ballina Salmon Anglers had quite a good week given the conditions and good number of fish were caught on spinner and worm. On Mount Falcon, Davide Camisa and two friends from Italy had 10 fish on spinner over two days, all released. Foxford Salmon Anglers  Rinanney stretch also fished reasonably well with Peter McHugh landing a nice fish of 12.5 lbs.