Fishing has picked up nicely out of Union Hall, Ground fishing early in July had been pretty quiet and mackerel and blue shark seemed pretty scarce.

But the last two weeks have definitely seen an good improvement.

Conger and Ling are fishing well off the bottom with several 30-35lb conger as well as 15-20lb ling landed not far off shore in the last week.

Yesterday (Friday 2nd) we had a good haul of Mackerel to begin with and 7 Blue Shark to finish the day out, with blues to 70lb. On last weeks shark trip we picked up a specimen Megrim.

Another thing we’ve seen over the last few trips was shoals of Joey’s hanging around in the chum trail and yesterday 2 mullet doing the same 10nm offshore.

Last weekend we also had some Fin whales pass close by and 20 minutes later got to see the Killer whale ‘Aquarius’ on the way back in.


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