KCLR broadcast from Inistioge, Co Kilkenny last Tuesday in the fifth programme in the series ‘Make Way for the King’. In this programme there is a focus on the efforts that are being made to improve water quality and the importance of good water quality for salmon. Wild Atlantic Salmon need clean rivers to live in and a gravelly bed to spawn in. KCLR spoke with scientists and community officers from LAWPRO (Local Authorities Water Programme), farmers, Teagasc Advisors, Environmentalists and Anglers to find out more about the lack of ‘pristine’ rivers in Kilkenny. To listen back to the programme you can follow the link here: https://kclr96fm.com/documentary/programme-5-the-importance-of-clean-water-for-the-salmon/

Next week is the sixth and final programme in the series and KCLR talk with politicians, scientists, conservationists and anglers to discuss how we can make way for the King, how we can continue to ensure that the salmon returns to our rivers. Tune in on Tuesday the 13th of October between 4-6pm on KCLR to find out more. The ‘Make Way for the King’ series looks at the threats facing Atlantic Salmon both at sea and in the rivers and the conservation measures in place to protect them.