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Marcin’s notes: Pike fishing Ireland is one of my favourite types of fishing during the cold winter months. This was my pike fishing season 20/21 kick-off session.

As the day was unseasonably warm I decided to fish actively – lures fishing and fly fishing for pike in search of some big fish. This type of angling is my favourite fishing style – big pike fishing with lures.

One thing I am trying to show in the video is that you need to keep trying, changing fishing spots, and altering your fishing methods. The day has started very slow and until about lunchtime, I had absolutely nothing to show for my efforts. Not even a single take from a pike, neither on lures nor on the fly. I change the plan I made in the morning and kept searching for some feeding fish.

I had the new (to me) Miuras Mouse lure from Strike Pro, and let me tell you, when I found some feeding fish, and started fishing using the Miuras Mouse I managed to find some pike, including an absolute beast of a wild, river pike, measuring 110cm and weighing over 20lbs. The colour of Miuras Mouse – Spotted Bullhead.

So keep casting, keep changing your fishing methods, until you catch big fish 🙂

Youtube Channel: Marcin Kantor