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Double bass for Eoin in Kerry

Eoin Foley posted this report of his recent PB bass on the IFSA FaceBook page……..
The bass is a species respected by anglers all over the world as one of the hardest fighting fish for it size. In Kerry I’m lucky to have the facilities to chase after these amazing species and due to quarantine I’ve had the chance to really try for them. Catching bass was never my strong point but I’ve had a few decent ones while fishing for other species. I decided as I had plenty of crab left over that it would do no harm to use them up so off I set. I started off on the wrong foot after finding out I brought the wrong reel meaning the heaviest line I had was. 22 which is very dodgy especially when fishing rough ground.
The day started off great with a nice bass on the first cast but soon slowed down and it was dark before I got the next bite. The rod started tipping but I thought nothing of it as the fish didn’t seem to be going for it. The rod slowly bent over and stayed there so I assumed the fish was gone. After 10 minutes I decided to check the bait. The rod didn’t seem to want to move so I thought the fish had got me stuck I kept the pressure on however and after feeling the odd tug against me I realised that the fish was still on.
It took 10 minutes of constant pressure before the fish came free but that was just the start every bit of weed the fish passed it dived for it. After a few minutes of non-stop fighting the fish tired out and I managed to land it. I realised by just looking at the fish that it was my pb bass. I was as happy as a kid in a candy shop. I was just as delighted to watch the fish swim back instantly with no hassle.
Eoin and his personal best bass