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Great fishing on Killala Bay in flat calm conditions


Charter skipper Donal Kennedy reports from Killala Bay…

A party of anglers from Co. Mayo and Co. Sligo set out from Killala Harbour on 15th Sept to enjoy what turned out to be a cracking day’s fishing. The weather was good, slightly overcast with calm seas, nearly flat calm.

The first drift over rocky ground produced some pouting and pollack. Then we were basically “attacked” by spurdogs, a big shoal which cut some of our lines and it was obvious that they frightened away most of the other species. We moved to another rocky area hoping that the spurdogs would not follow and this was actually the case. After many drifts over this area, some fine pollack into double figures were caught with many being released back alive to the water. The fishing was good with catches of cod, red gurnard, pouting, coalfish, cuckoo wrasse, and lesser-spotted dogfish being along with plenty of mackerel. All returned safely to Killala well pleased with their day.

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