Kinsale cod
Jim Clohessy and Rob McClean hit some offshore wrecks last Monday and Jim reports that it was a trip that evoked many memories as well as having the potential for a great day out.
Kinsale calm at dawn
Launching at dawn at Kinsale, the lads headed offshore to some wrecks that they hadn’t fished in years. They worked the wrecks with a mixture of lures and bait, with some wrecks fishing better than others, so a little bit of work was needed to get the best of the fishing. They had some fine fish; great pollack, super cod and some fine coalfish. All the usual wreck species came to the boat although the size of ling was not as big as expected.
Pollock for Rob in a sea of calm
Jim reckons that he place is alive at the moment with all sorts of dolphins, whales, tuna, bait balls and birds going daft about the place, hopefully a sign of a healthy underwater environment.
It certainly turned out to be a superb day on the water!