Well, that was another week. It was wetter than normal and drier than normal depending on where you are. And it was milder than normal and colder than normal, again depending on where you are. Our weather will be changeable over the coming week, see-sawing between milder and colder than average conditions – so it’s expected that by the end of next week nationally it will have been an average week of weather for everyone, despite being colder, milder, drier and wetter than normal for about 10 days straight – you get the point. Why all the weather talk? Because in lockdown most of us are not getting in any fishing. The good news is that the longest month of the year is done and the shortest is ahead of us. Then it’s back to the water for all (please God).

Still no salmon to report, but we do have the daily updates from Lough Currane, born of the unique pen of Vincent Appleby. On the subject of salmon angling, we want to remind all the salmon anglers who have not yet returned their logbooks to please get them into us; the information is key to work on conserving salmon. Staying with 2020’s catches why not check out one angler’s biggest hits – ‘The tug is the drug’ – best salmon takes from 2020

For the trout anglers thinking about when they might get to go fishing we have a couple of fly tying videos to share. We are also featuring the video Chasing Caenis and it would be hard to not want to be drifting beside a pod of feeding trout after you’ve watched it.

Norbert Renaud is back again this week tying bunny flies for pike. For any of the anglers reading this who have thought about building their own rods, Norbert will be doing that tonight live on his YouTube channel.

Lockdown news

In other news the lockdown has been extended until March 5th. We outline what the implications are for anglers here.

Change is coming

Finally, The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) is calling all anglers and everyone else involved in the inland fisheries and sea angling sector to share their views in the development of a new policy for the sector. This new policy framework will be focused, primarily, on conservation and sustainable management as well as realising the true economic potential of the sector. Find out more here: Roadmap Policy Framework launched for Ireland’s inland fisheries

And now the weather…

Over the weekend it will be cold with prolonged spells of rain, turning to sleet and snow at times mainly over northern parts, remaining slightly milder over Munster. Milder conditions will edge further north during the early days of next week, however remaining unsettled with further spells of rain.

Safe fishing to all and tight lines, especially here in Ireland.

Myles Kelly
Catch, Photo, Release

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