A lovely piece of footage below from Andrew McGall’s YouTube channel featuring some of his best ‘takes’ while salmon fishing in 2020. Andrew fishes the River Finn as well as many other rivers in the north and north west. If this video doesn’t get your heart racing at the thought of that first hit from a good fish and the run that follows, you should check your pulse.

Anyone looking to release their salmon should minimise the length of time the fish is out of the water, as demonstrated by Andrew here.

Andrew sums up his 2020 season nicely in the accompanying text:

For many anglers the salmon ‘take’ is what it’s all about, indeed it’s often referred to as ‘the tug is the drug’. I wouldn’t disagree, though it does also give you a certain satisfaction and sense of achievement to go on and land it.

Looking back on 2020 is perhaps not something we would choose to do, but this is a selection of some of my favourite takes from over the past season. Being able to get fishing again, albeit not until July for most of us, was one positive, and looking and thinking back on our fishing memories will hopefully help us get through the next few months.

As always I hope you enjoy and stay safe :)!

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