Vincent Appleby returns to the website for 2021 with his reports from Lough Currane which has been very quiet as only a handful of local anglers can fish the lake…

17/1/21 Well it is great to be back on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts zone. So, let us go to the new and heart breaking and reality of Brown tags spring fishing on the Currane system and as you can imagine this was the main talk on this opening day, some Gillies were smiling because their boat was Brown tagged as they trolled the Currane waters, for the unlucky Gillies who were not so lucky in the draw got their plier’s and files out and then headed out to the catch and release department. Well Brown tag or no Brown tags I can say both failed this opening day. Just for the record there were 9 boats out, six Brown Tags Boats and 3 C&R Boats and where the other 9 tags were, I could not tell you. Wind, well in my opinion it was coming from the Currane anglers and could you blame them, plus it was overcast this Grey day.

Rapal with a single barbless hook
Lure with a single barbless hook

18/1/20 There were no boats out today to the best of my knowledge and I can’t check the Big Lake because I’m outside the 5 kilometres and I have no intention of being caught by the local Garda and being tagged, talking of tags, back to the fishing, on yesterday’s report I had a comment made to me by Currane fly angler Mr. Garry Winston Humphry and I quote, are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the Spring Fishing, sad times.

19/1/21 It is sad to see that again there were no traditional local Brown Tag anglers on this 3rd day of the Brown Tag Spring fishing.

20/1/21 Today’s report come from a barbless Currane angler, 4 boats on the lake today, 1 barbless boat stayed out all day, 3 brown tag boats that were out, 2 of them just out for 2 hours, the other brown tag boat just out for the bare hour, few kelts to report, sad to see such little effort being put in and for a matter of interest where were the other 12 Brown Tag Anglers.

21/1/21 In today’s action, there were 3 boats out, 2 brown tag boats, 1 barbless hook boat, few kelts to report. Again, it is sad to see the lake so quiet and I can tell you Appleby, there is 1 barbless hook angler who is terribly upset he was not given a brown tag, he’s says some of the brown tag recipients haven’t even launched their boats yet, fisheries have got this all wrong, due to Covid he feels all local and regular local anglers should have got tags, considering the 5 km travel is in place for a few more months.

22/1/21 On today’s Brown tags and tagless Anglers I can say without any fear of contradiction today was Salmonless, just for the record there were 3 boats out, 1 Barbless and two Brown tag boats out.

23/1/21 3 Brown tag boats out manipulating the Currane Waters this day, I can tell you it was very cold and wet. And followed by a fresh wind from the South, sadly the boats did not stay out long. Just for the record there was no barbless hook boats out.

24/1/21 There was snow on the mountains of Kerry this cold day as two Brown tags headed out on to the Currane waters and I can say that both Brown tags were Salmonless at the end of their day’s fishing.

25/1/21 Straight to today’s facts and I can say without any fear of contradiction that My Noble Salmon has not been Brown Tagged at this present time and the same goes for the Barbless manipulators, so I can say there was no stimulation on a very cold Lough Currane today. Just for the record there were 3 Brown Tag Boats and one Barbless boat out.

26/1/21 Only one Brown Tag Boat out today and all quiet on the SW front but contacted a Spent Salmon/ Kelt. Just for the record it made a flood last night.

27/1/21 No reports of any Boats out on the waters of Lough Currane this day, so you can say that I am barbless and tagless in today’s notes and rightly so.

Vincent Appleby

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