The Irish Feedermasters qualifiers have seen Lough Muckno just continue to improve and improve, with multiple double figures the norm on all sections. Winner Rory Dunne, (an exceptional angler on all methods) netted 24kgs on feeder only, one can but guess at what his weight would have been had all methods been available to this very special angler.
With another top angler Seamus Winters weighing in 14 kgs on an unfancied peg at Upper Concra Wood and not framing even in his mini section, you can get an appreciation of how good this venue is at this time, even with the limitations of having to fish the feeder.
For all Irish anglers looking for a brilliant 5 day ALL METHOD Festival before end of 2021, please look no further than our individual 5 day Festival, mid September and book on as soon as possible.
Top five today with weights ranging from 16kgs to 24kgs were:
  • 1st Rory Dunne.
  • 2nd Darren Fairhurst
  • 3rd Robertas Zilatis
  • 4th Rory O Neill
  • 5th Joint Brenton Sweeney / Rimantas.
Qualifiers today including those by default.
  • Rimantas
  • Jacek Monika Januszewscy
  • Shane Dunne
  • Brenton Sweeney
  • Adrian Van Der Heever
Sections mini.
  • Mick Carr
  • Neil Keane
  • Jacek
  • Noel McNulty
  • Michael Cormican
  • Shane Dunne
  • Philip Hartin
  • Damien Foltyn
  • Adrian Van Der Heever
  • Arthur Artur Dudek
Penultimate qualifier will be held on this day two weeks and that event is now open for entry by the usual method. “Book me on please” on this Facebook page.
The final two qualifiers as normal will be heavily subscribed so please book early.
Organisers will continue to take entries for the September individual Festival by pm to this Facebook page.