In the next webinar we will take a detailed look at barriers to fish migration. Brian Coghlan is a research Officer at Inland Fisheries Ireland and he will give a 30 minute “Lunch & Learn Webinar” on “Barriers to fish migration” as part of #GoFishingWeek2021. Wednesday, 28th of April 2021 at 1.10pm. REGISTER HERE. 

The webinar will be a 20 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute Q&A session where people will have the opportunity to get involved. The webinar will give an in depth look at manmade structures such as weirs, culverts and raised bridge floors that impede or prevent access of fish and other stream biota to essential habitats, potentially affecting their distribution, population structures, spawning success and recruitment of many species. The impacts of barriers are often most apparent in migratory fish species, as they move large distances between marine and freshwater environments and may encounter numerous man-made barriers during this migration. An understanding of the types, characteristics and impacts of barriers to fish migration is, therefore, crucial if action is to be taken to address population bottlenecks and improve ecological connectivity.

Brian has worked in Inland Fisheries Ireland for the last 13 years, on projects involving river enhancement, fish population dynamics, water quality, hydromorphology and climate change. He is an avid pike and river trout angler.

Brian with a pike
Brian with a pike

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