There’s nothing like a well timed angling book, and Haunted by Waters hits the spot. This lively and evocative book is the perfect antidote to long winter nights spent aimlessly channel hopping or video surfing on Youtube.

Immerse yourself in Daire’s year of living a fly anglers dream on this green and many watered Island, and make plans for your own fishing adventures in 2022.

Haunted by Waters is available in all good book shops and online.

Award-winning producer and journalist Daire Whelan had reached the end of another busy week and couldn’t shake the feeling that life was passing him by too quickly. Vowing to make a change, he decided to commit to a year of fly fishing and set about planning his route through the wild and rugged landscape of Ireland.

Here, in Haunted by Waters: A Journey into the Irish Countryside we travel with Daire throughout a season of fly fishing. But as he searches for a sense of meaning, meeting kindred spirits as he explores the rivers and lakes, Daire finds himself rediscovering the majestic beauty of his native country.

From fishing on our most secluded bays and wildest loughs in Connemara and Kerry, to casting a line on the rippling waters of the Suir in Tipperary, catching salmon on the Blackwater in Waterford, and the serenity of the Dodder in Dublin on a workday afternoon, Haunted by Waters is an evocative and stunning love letter to Ireland through a sport rich in tradition and storytelling.

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