Cormac Walsh, one of Ireland’s top bass anglers, reports of some bank holiday bonanza bass fishing down in Wexford. Read his report below…

July had started of quite slowly with the period of high pressure not doing the bass fishing any favours. However over the last week the full moon spring tides really kicked things off. Large numbers of bass entered the estuaries and started feeding hard on sandeels.

Some good numbers of fish landed with some decent sized fish over the 6 lbs. mark showing. The bass were fat and healthy and were hitting sandeel type lures very hard. The evobass sabre lure retrieved very slowly in the flow proving to be very effective.

Periods around the start of the flood or fall of the tide in the estuaries were the most productive.

With another new moon on the way next weekend bringing big tides again,things are looking promising. This is when the bass season really kicks in with a really good chance of some big bass.

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