With the tides dropping over the last few days bass fishing was never going to be easy this week. Even at a time of year when bass can be more inclined to follow and chase lures rather than hit them hard, they were very conspicuous by their absence on the Boyne Estuary and surrounding coastline so far this week. Six anglers fished the estuary on Monday did not produce a single fish from Mornington and Baltray to near Queensboro. This was despite reasonably clear water, overcast day and a good strong breeze. Winds have now gone around to the west.

There had been reasonable bass fishing on the estuary in August but so far it has failed to get going in September. Further north along the Louth coastline things are just as tough with only a few small fish reported. Hopefully, things will improve again over the next week as the tides start to build from Friday.

Louth bass anglers are not alone though and a number of very accomplished anglers also experienced very tough fishing on the south coast. Even when tides were better. We will keep you posted and hope to have better news when the next reports are received.