Jim Clohessy reports from East Cork and Cork Harbour…

28 July: The run the other day was sort of an annual gig with my sister Michelle! We get the unenviable task of catching to order for lunch and dinner! Of course Michelle gets to get a bend in some lovely rods! We hit the reefs first. Headed into an area I’ve not fished this year and were rewarded with some grand pollack and codling. Mackerel, the lunch course, are really scarce. We caught two earlier that we needed for bait for whiting (another order). We worked hard to get enough for lunch. Mackerel shouldn’t be this hard.

Super fight for a decent cod. A beautifully marked fish! Orange paddle tail doing the biz

01 August: Yesterday’s run was just a run out for a scratch about on lures and a sniff on bait in some different ground.

The reefs are only fishing ok with pockets of fish that have to be searched out. Still, some cracking pollack about with the occasional cod. Cod are seriously scarce this year. There were very few small boats out and about. Surprising given it’s a long weekend.

04 August: Hard to believe the weather is about to turn!
Paul and myself decided on a last minute lure dash. We worked the reefs getting the best drifts using Relief Shading on the Garmin 75cv’s.
We tried old and new ground with mixed results. We had more cod this trip than any other this year so we were well chuffed
Time to go back to the heavy lifting when the weather allows…