This week we are sharing another video from Chris O’Sullivan’s Inshore Angler youtube channel. For those of us who enjoy beach fishing, especially a night session, this is one you will appreciate. It may be low on production value but it’s high on entertainment, and puts you in the middle of the action.

Angler in surf landing a fish
Chris lands a schoolie bass

Chris and a friend had a night session with plenty of schoolie bass and a few other fish keen to take a bait. While filming was obviously difficult due to the conditions, and lighting (or lack of), the enthusiasm and enjoyment of fishing comes through clearly, and you get a definite sense of what a good night’s fishing is really like. For many of us, there is nothing to beat the rumbling surf in the background and a bit of weight on your line, not knowing what will come through the waves until you can shine your headlight on it. Chris captures it perfectly, well done Chris!

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For novice anglers, the video also contains some good advice on fish handling, and how to ensure fish go back safely and in top condition.

Keep fish in a bucket of sea water for a few minutes to let them rest and recover

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