The 4th match of the Iascaire Spring League commenced in Lough Gowna, Kevin’s Shore.
Expectations were high going into the match; however, with very bright and breezy conditions, the fishing was poor to say the least. Some of the anglers went hours without a bite and only caught the odd fish here and there.
Some of the luckier competitors managed to draw in a few big perch along with some hybrids and they made the difference on the day. That’s fishing for you though, one day there’s a big stamp of fish the next day there’s nothing! This is why we love this sport! At least all of the competitors are fishing the same lake, so it’s a level playing field for everyone!
TOP 3 of the day:
  • Tomas Lisauskas 3.190kg
  • Vaidas Jagela 2.920kg
  • Andrius Saulys 2.850kg