It’s a busy time of year for coarse angling, with a lot of people dusting off the rods and keepnets to target some of our coarse fish, whether for numbers or specimen fish. We would like to remind anglers, particularly those new to the sport, of the regulations governing coarse and predator angling.

Coarse Fish

Angler with large tench

This includes roach, perch, tench, bream, rudd and hybrids. The Coarse Fish Bye Law No. 806 of the year 2006 provides that:

  • Anglers are permitted to take up to 4 coarse fish per day
  • The maximum size limit for coarse fish is 25cm. All coarse fish over 25cm must be released.

In addition, it is illegal to fish with more than two rods. It is illegal to transfer live roach from one water to another.


The Pike Bye Law No. 809 (2006) provides that@

  • Anglers are permitted to take one pike per day
  • The maximum size limit is 50cm. All pike over 50cm must be released.
  • In addition, it is illegal to use live bait, and to possess more than 12 coarse fish for bait.


Leave No Trace

In addition to the legal requirements, anglers are advised to fish responsibly and sustainably, look after fish welfare, and abide by the principles of Leave No Trace.

  • Use a keepnet large enough for your catch
  • Don’t use a keepnet in very warm weather
  • Don’t leave rubbish – clean up after yourself
  • Respect landowners’ property


A guide to Irish Angling Regulations can be found here, or click on the image below.


Go Fishing

Inland Fisheries Ireland has lots of information on coarse angling on our website. This includes info on the different species, tackle, methods and tactics, where you can target them and much more. Check it out here.

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